The Nintendo Switch, known in development as the Nintendo NX, is a gaming device from Nintendo, released March 3, 2017. While technically a portable device, it does not currently serve to replace the Nintendo 3DS but succeeds the Wii U.


An enhanced eighth-generation device, the Switch is a multimode tablet with an HDTV dock and two Joy-Con controller units that can adapt to any gaming environment. When snapped into the included frame, the Joy-Cons form a gamepad; and when attached to the Switch, they form a handheld. They can also be used independently when the tablet is in a free-standing position.

When docked, the Switch operates as a typical set-top unit, and can output to a television screen via HDMI in full 1080p resolution.

Games for the Switch are distributed on Nintendo Switch cards, a departure from the previous three generations' use of optical storage, as well as via digital distribution with a Nintendo eShop, The company's Virtual Console services of the last two generations are not yet available to Switch owners, as confirmed by gaming e-zines such as Kotaku[1] and Polygon[2].

The Switch also possesses 32GB of onboard flash storage for both games and user data, with a microSD slot for expansion up to 2TB.

Rapid reaction

Reactions at both the console's reveal and its release have been largely positive, with game developers and journalists praising the Switch for its innovative design and fluidity, as well as hopeful of its potential as a system and thereby its ability to bring Nintendo back into relevance as a console maker. As the Switch was still in development, Square Enix's Hajime Tabata confirmed that the company's flagship Final Fantasy XV would not be ported to the Switch, but stated that the company was monitoring the hardware's development and was also looking forward to seeing it in the wild[3]. A statement from the company further confirmed that Square Enix was "excited" about the Switch hardware[4] A GameSpot report dated July 2015[5] hinted at the next two Dragon Quest titles possibly being ported.

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