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Dragon Quest VI
Nokturnus 2

Nokturnus, sometimes translated as Dark Dream or DarkDrium, is the superboss of Dragon Quest VI. He serves as the game's most powerful opponent, and is the strongest monster in most games he appears in.


Dragon Quest VI

Nokturnus first appears as a plot character during the Castle Graceskull and Armor of Orgo events. In order to defeat the Archfiend Mortamor, the King summons him using a special soup. Nokturnus refuses their request and kills most of the people in the castle. The Hero and his party observe the events, but can't do anything to affect them.

Nokturnus doesn't appear again in the main story, but can be fought after beating the game. After battling Nokturnus a new cutscence involving Terry will play in the credits, replacing the one where he finds treasure in the Amor cave. In this cutscene, Terry is shown summoning Nokturnus alone, presumably to challenge him to a solo fight. Even if you lose to Nokturnus and then defeat Mortamor this cutscene will still play.

Dragon Quest IX

Nokturnus features in Dragon Quest IX as a 'Legacy Boss'. In the final quest, Quest #184: Bleats Me, bring the sheep a Venus Tear and it will reward the hero with Nokturnus' Map Lv. 1. Nokturnus once again features as one of the strongest bosses in the game, even at level 1.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2

In Joker 2, Nokturnus appears as an X/SS ranked monster and is the final slot monster for the Demon family. Being one of the harder monsters to be obtained, his recipe calls for a Dhuran and a Dr. Snapped.

He is also used to create the following monsters:

Trode: Xenlon + Nokturnus + Gem Slime + Canzar/Dual Duellers/Dorsal Fiend

Zenith Dragon: Xenlon + Nokturnus + Dracolord + Aquarion/Sagittar


Takes one to three actions every turn.

Leap Attack - Damage to one member.

Double Slash - Damage to two members.

Eye Beams - Damage to three members.

Trance - Inflicts sleep on one member. High-accuracy, bypasses Paladin's Defend.

Oomph (Bikill/TwinHits)- Doubles physical attack power.

Dragon Cut - Standard attack on one member.

Metal Cut - Standard attack on one member.

Wind Slash - Standard attack on one member.

Breath Attack - Damages all members.

Kafrizzle (Merazoma/Blazemost) - Fire-elemental attack on one member.

Scorching Breath - Fire-elemental attack on all members. Bypasses Paladin's Defend.

Ice Crystals - Ice-elemental attack on all members. Bypasses resistance and Paladin's Defend.

Lightning (Gigadein) - Thunder-elemental attack on all members.

Grand Cross - Holy-elemental attack on all members.

Freezing Wind - Negates all beneficial status enhancements on the party.


You can either level-build to the 70s and use a standard strategy, or you can try your hand against him at high 40s.

You'll want several characters in Hero class, with two hard-hitters as Sages (Equip Echoing Hat on one) and either a Lamp Demon or a Healslime for Omniheal. The Omniheal user should have a Speed Ring equipped, as you'll only use the monster for dire situations. Keep your buffs to a minimum if you want to avoid Nokturnus' negation; he appears to use DeMagic more often when more than one character has Oomph up, or several supportive buffs are in place. If you want to avoid your buffs getting nulled, limit yourself to one Oomph and one Kabuff. Otherwise, reapply your support spells after each DeMagic.

Heroes should attack by using Gigaslash every round. A Hero with Oomph active should use PowerUp->SpiritPunch. Your Sages should unleash Magic Burst as soon as possible. Once both Sages drop their attacks, switch in your fourth Hero, who will be a dedicated HustleDancer to keep health up. If a Hero should run out of MP using GigaSlash, the HustleDancer will exchange roles with him/her. Swap in your healer at any moment you find more healing power is necessary.

Alternatively, you can have one party member master the Metal Babble and Paladin classes. That one member will act as the party's shield by using the Paladin's Defend skill, with one Buff always active to reduce the damage caused by Nokturnus. Metal Babble mastery yields high defence and immunity to several elements, proving as a very useful tank for the party. The other members should use the same attack strategies as above. Keep in mind Nokturnus has abilities that can slip by Defend, so an occasional HustleDance should be done to keep your party safe. Again, a Omniheal user is always a good idea in case your tank begins to falter. Reapply Buff on the shield if Nokturnus negates it.


If you manage to defeat Nokturnus in less than 20 turns, you will be treated to a special scene. It the same as the normal ending, except there will also be a battle where Nokturnus kills Mortamor in a completely one-sided fight.

In Dragon Quest Monsters 2, his name was changed into DarkDrium. In Dragon Quest Monsters 1, Dark Dream (DarkDrium) was meant to appear as a final boss. However, the producers were struggling with this. As a result, he appeared as a member of Terry's party, alongside Watabou and a GreatDrak. DarkDrium can also be obtained by breeding a Deathmore (3) and a Watabou together.

Dragon Quest IX

"Improves his already eye-watering attack with Oomph, then smacks foes silly with a stupidly speedy assault. Brutal bad-dream demon from another dimension. So strong that he makes Mortamor seem more like Snoretamore!" - Dragon Quest IX Bestiary

In Dragon Quest IX, Dark Dream is officially named by Square Enix as Nokturnus. He is present in the game as the most powerful of the legacy bosses, obtained from the final quest (#184). At level 1, Nokturnus has 8,250 HP and rewards the party with a total of 74,600 EXP.


Level Range Secondary Drop Orb
1-3Alefgard trousers15%Red Orb10%
4-8Alefgard trousers20%Blue Orb10%
9-15Alefgard trousers25%Yellow Orb10%
16-25Alefgard boots20%Green Orb10%
26-40Alefgard boots25%Purple Orb10%
41-56Zenithian helm20%Silver Orb10%
57-68Alefgard armor20%Blue Orb15%
69-80Alefgard armor25%Yellow Orb15%
81-90Alefgard helm20%Green Orb15%
91-99Alefgard helm25%Purple Orb15%


Level New abilities
InitialKafrizzle, Blazing Fire breath, Falcon Slash, Lullab-Eye, C-c-cold Breath, Buff, Oomph
5Thin Air
10Disruptive Wave
16Hellfire breath, stops blazing fire
28Hatchet Man
41Begins attacking 3 times per turn
57Restore all MP , Magic Burst



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