Oaken club
Japanese name こんぼう
Rōmaji Konbō
Introduced in Dragon Quest

The Oaken Club is a recurring weapon in the Dragon Quest game series series.


Dragon Quest (game)



The Club is a common weapon in the Dragon Quest Series. It is a weak weapon that is often used near the beginning of various games. It can be bought at Tantegel/Brecconary, Garinham, and Cantlin/Mercado for 60 G and gives the user +4 attack power.

Dragon Quest IV

The oaken club has an attack bonus of +7.

Dragon Quest V

Dragon Quest VI

Dragon Quest VIII

Dragon Quest IX

It is the weakest hammer in the game, and it is dropped by hammerhoods, trolls, boss trolls, and Cyclopes.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker

Dragon Quest (NES)
Item Price Attributes
Club 60 G Attack +4
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