Ogre shield
Dq7 ogre shield
Japanese name オーガシールド
Rōmaji Ōgashīrudo
Introduced in V

The Ogre shield is a common shield equipment item in the Dragon Quest game series. It is typically a mid-level strength shield.


Dragon Quest III

Found only in the remade versions, the Ogre shield is buyable in Rimuldar for 25000 gold and can be equipped by the Hero and Warriors for +60 defence. Unfortunately, the shield offers no breath protection in this installment.

Dragon Quest V

The shield can be found in Mt. Zugzwang, and is dropped by the Bilhaw. When equipped, it will increase defence by +48, and cut breath damage by 10. It can be equipped by the Hero and Sancho.

Dragon Quest VI

The shield can be purchased in Despairia for 20000 gold, and can be equipped by CarverAmosLizzieTerry, and Goowain. It features the same parameters as in V, but can be upgraded to +60 defence at the Fashion Forge.

Dragon Quest VII

Dragon Quest VIII

Found the desert region near Arcadia, the shield can be equipped by the Hero and Yangus and bolsters defence by +45 while cutting breath damage by 10.

Dragon Quest IX

The Ogre shield increases defence by +33, cuts fire and ice damage by 7%, has a block chance of 5.5%, and can be equipped by WarriorsPriestsMagesMinstrelsArmamentalistsSagesPaladins, and Luminaries. It cannot be purchased, and must be forge through alchemy by combining a Dark shield with four lumps of Densinium and five magical beast horns.

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Location Info
Castle Avalonia Sold by traveling merchant (3420g)

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Other languages
French Bouclier d'ogre
German Unknown
Spanish Unknown
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