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Spell Info
Japanese ベホマズン
Rōmaji Behomazun
Type Recovery
MP 128*
Introduced in VI

Omniheal (formerly HealUsAll) is a spell in the Dragon Quest game series. It completely restores the HP of all allies in battle.



Omniheal (HealUsAll in the NES version) is learned by the Hero at level 32.


Omniheal can only be learned by monsters. The King Cureslime and Ephiphany come with this spell already learned, and the Cureslime and Healslime monsters learn it at level 30 and 36 respectively.



Omniheal is learned by the Hero once the player invests 82 points into his Courage. It costs 36 MP to cast (27 with MP Used 3/4 active and 18 with MP Used 1/2 active).


Omniheal is learned only by priests at level 65. It can also be cast by king cureslimes.

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