Dragon Quest IV
Sprite(s) Dq4orin-sprite-NES
Japanese name オーリン
Rōmaji Ourin
Gender Male
Class Alchemist
Race(s) Human

Oojam (Orin in the NES version) is a temporarily playable character in IV.


Maya and Meena encounter Oojam in Chapter 4. He too is mourning the death of Maya and Meena's father, his old teacher, and he offers himself up to help their cause, joining the party. He has a much more stronger physical attack than either of them. Oojam first helps the twins locate their father's alchemy laboratory, but doesn't stay long; after a brief confrontation with the Marquis de Léon, all hope looks lost, and Oojam offers his life to buy the girls time to escape.

He is later found in Vrenor's inn, where he was saved by a woman.

In the NES version, he uses his strength to break open locked doors, but in the North American DS version, he picks the lock instead.

He joins at an unknown level, with 95 HP points and 0 MP Points.


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