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Japanese バイキルト
Rōmaji Baikiruto
Type Support
MP 6*
Introduced in V

Oomph is a spell in the Dragon Quest game series.



Oomph is learnt by Bianca and Nera at level 13, Deborah at level 15, and the Hero's daughter at level 16. It costs 6MP to cast and doubles a party member's attack.


Oomph is learnt by Armamentalists at level 2, and Sages at level 3.


Oomph is learnt by Jessica at level 19 and Angelo with 65 skill points invested in Staffs.


Oomph is learnt by Mages at level 33 and Armamentalists at level 39. It raises the party member's attack by two levels.

The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors

Oomph is learnt by Claymore at level 15.

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