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DQIX - Corvus - Second Forme
Japanese アバカム
Rōmaji Abakamu
Type Other
MP 2 (DQ2) / 0 (DQ3)
Introduced in II

Click (formerly Open) is a spell in the Dragon Quest game series.

Effect and use

The spell could open up the doors normally requiring a Silver Key, Golden Key, Jailers Key, Thief's Key, Magic Key or Ultimate Key.

The spell was handy in that it eliminate the need to have keys it the player's inventory to have room for other essential items. Though with the use of the bag, the spell no longer was need.


Dragon Quest II

The spell is learned by the Princess of Moonbrooke at Level 23, and costs 2 units of MP.

Dragon Quest III

The spell is learned by Mages and Sages at Level 35. It requires no unit of MP.

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