The Order of Zugzwang is an evil faction in V. Within its highest ranks are monsters themed with a chess motif, all of whom serve Grandmaster Nimzo. Their main residence is in the Crocodilopolis,

The members of the Order are:

  • King Korol: The white king and nominal leader of the Order of Zugzwang. It is later revealed after being defeated that Ladja is the true master of the order.
  • Queen Ferz: A priestess for the order whose true form is slain by the heroes during their storm into Crocodilopolis.
  • Bishop Ladja: A high priest who does the dirty work for the order and is responsible for much of the Hero's hardship. It is revealed that he is the true second of command to Nimzo and is finally defeated on Mt. Zugzwang
  • Kon the Knight: A pawn of Ladja who is defeated in Knightmare Towers with the help of the Hero's wife
  • Slon the Rook: A pawn of Ladja who is killed in the Talon Tower

Monsters in the cult:

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