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Dragon Quest VII
DQVII - Orgodemir - First Forme
Japanese name オルゴ・デミーラ
Rōmaji Orugo-Demira
Gender Male
Title(s) Demon King
Race(s) Unknown
Age Unknown

Orgodemir is the antagonist and the last boss of VII. He is the force behind all the evil that the Hero and his party encounter during the game.


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Main Games

Early History

Long before the game begins, Orgodemir set out to seal all lands and cast them in darkness. He was opposed by God and the Four Elemental Spirits: Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind. God was defeated and the four spirits were scattered. However, God had put a system into place that would allow the world to be reborn again within the Estard Fane.


The Hero and his party travel to the past through the Excavation Site Pedestal in the Deja Country. After putting the necessary shards in place, they are able to enter the Demon Lord's stronghold. They witness the defeat of God by the Demon Lord. After traversing through the stronghold, they encounter the Demon Lord. Orgodemir taunts the party by saying they are foolish to throw their lives away for the sake of God. He even allows them to walk away. However, if the player refuses, Orgodemir will fight the party.

When the player defeats Orgodemir, he tells them that although they were able to defeat his body, his soul will never die. With that, he disappears, ending Disc 1.

In Disc 2, the party reunites with the present day Dejans in their ceremony to revive God. With Aira dancing in the Innocent Robe and Johann playing the Terra Tula, God is revived. However, unbeknownst to the party, this is really Orgodemir in disguise. As God, Orgodemir thanks the party for reviving him and tells them that he will issue peace to the entire worlds.

Months later, Orgodemir, disguised as God, has the populace of the world build him a palace at the center of the world known as the Crystal Palace. Melvin has been working with him as part of security. After its completion, he invites representatives from all nations to hear him speak. He tells them that he is God and that evil has been defeated. He instructs them to do dispose of their weapons as they will have no need for them and not to take the life of a human or a monster. Orgodemir, as God, then asks the Hero to give him the Dark Ruby as it is evil. With this, the audience with God is finished and he disappears. As the Hero's Party leaves the Crystal Palace, they see Melvin being chased by soldiers, claiming that he has committed treason against God.

As the party leaves to return to Estard, the country is sealed and thrown into darkness. This is the work of Orgodemir. Melvin communicates this to the party via Mindspeak. He tells the party that God went about sealing the worlds that he said were evil. When Melvin questioned this judgment, he was called a traitor. However, he learned of the four Elemental Spirits and they are the only beings able to shed light on God's actions.

When the party find all the Elemental Spirits, they go to the Crystal Palace and reveal that God is actually the Demon Lord. Unfortunately, this leaves the Spirits overtaxed and unable to defeat the Demon Lord. After his ruse is revealed, Orgodemir transforms the Crystal Palace into the Dark Palace and it serves as the final dungeon of the game. The party enters the Dark Palace and reaches the Demon Lord. He tells them that he is the new God and that they will not be able to defeat him because they are ephemeral creatures. The party challenges Orgodemir.

With their victory, Orgodemir wonders why he was defeated and postulates the party is actually God. Orgodemir's final defeat brings peace to the world

#305 - Orgodemir
??? Family
IX - Orgodemir sprite
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
 ???  ???  ???  ???  ???
Exp Gold Drop Multiple
 ??? 2490 G
Description: Screams enemies into submission with a blood-curdling cry, then hits hard with Hellfire. Always attacks twice.

Doesn't like people to know he's really a dumpy dragon, so disguises himself as a dashing young dandy.

Encountered at:

Orgodemir appears as a Legacy Boss, obtained after completing Quest #176 (or received at special events).

Level Range Secondary Drop  % Orb  %
1-3 Estard shoes 15% Blue Orb 10%
4-8 Estard shoes 20% Blue Orb 10%
9-15 Estard shoes 25% Blue Orb 11%
16-25 Estard trousers 15% Blue Orb 11%
26-40 Estard trousers 20% Blue Orb 12%
41-56 Estard trousers 25% Blue Orb 12%
57-68 Estard hood 20% Blue Orb 13%
69-80 Estard hood 25% Blue Orb 13%
81-90 Estard clothes 20% Blue Orb 14%
91-99 Estard clothes 25% Blue Orb 15%
Level Abilities
Initial Attack, Confusion attack, Swat attack, Hellfire, Chilly Breath, War Cry
5 Disruptive Wave
10 Venom Mist
16 Raging Roar, stops using War Cry
24 Burning Breath
33 C-C-Cold Breath
41 Stops using Chilly Breath, attacks three times per turn, stops attacking twice per turn
57 Eerie Light

Side Games

Monsters 2

Recipe: PsychoPiz x Niterich


Orgodemir appears as a X rank undead monster in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker. The Monster resembles the the second disc, first rank form in Dragon Quest VII.

Joker 2

His appearance is the same as his first form on the second disk. He is a rank x monster and is in the mystery family. You can obtain him by fusing Mortamor and an alabast dragon.


Warriors of Eden

Main article: Orgodemir (Warriors of Eden)


Other languages

Other languages
French Orgodémir
German Unknown
Spanish Unknown
Italian Unknown
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown


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