DQVIII - Orichalcum
Japanese name オリハルコン
Rōmaji Oriharukon
Introduced in III

Orichalcum is a recurring item in the Dragon Quest game series. It is a special metallic substance that is very rare and precious. It is typically used to create powerful weapons and/or armor in the games in which it appears. This is done using processes such as alchemy and sword tempering.



Orichalcum (called Oricon in this game) is used to make the Sword of Kings. You find it in a pasture in Hauksness and give it to a merchant in Kol. Later you will get the Sword of Kings from him for a high price.


In VIII, Orichalcum is very rare and is strictly used for alchemy. In total, there are 6 pieces of orichalcum within the game (5 in the Main Quest, 1 in the Post-Quest). Additionally, it is a droppable item from the Metal King Slime and the Pandora's Box, however the drop rates are extremely low (1/256).

In-game description: An incredibly hard precious metal ore.

Function: Recipe ingredient.

Obtainable through Main Quest

  • Princess Minnie (83 Mini Medals)
  • Godbird's Eyrie (Chest)
  • Black Citadel (Chest)*
  • Black Citadel (Barrel)*
  • Ruin (Boss)

Obtainable through Post-Quest

  • Heavenly Dais (Chest)

Orichalcum can be used in the following recipes:

  • Megaton Hammer = Conquerer's Axe + Uber War Hammer + Orichalcum
  • Liquid Metal Sword = Rusty Old Sword + Slime Crown + Orichalcum
  • Metal King Armour = Liquid Metal Armour + Slime Crown + Orichalcum
  • Metal King Shield = Ruinous Shield + Orichalcum + Saint's Ashes
  • Goddess Ring = Recovery Ring + Orichalcum
  • Meteorite Bracer = Agility Ring + Agility Ring + Orichalcum
  • Sage's Stone = Gold Nugget + Orichalcum + Yggdrasil Dew

*If you missed the two pieces of Orichalcum in the Black Citadel, they will be placed at Neos after completion of the Black Citadel.


In IX, Orichalcum is a key ingredient in many high level alchemy recipes. It can be acquired in treasure chests of rank 9 and 10 in treasure map grottos. It can also be purchased for 15 mini medals a piece from Cap'n Max Meddlin' after completing his initial requirement for 80 medals collected, or it can be dropped by a Gem Slime, Platinum King Jewel, Metal King Slime, or Greygnarl (Grotto). A lump of it can also be found inside a red chest in the cave on the lonely coast, and another near Apus Major's throne in a red chest.

It is used for these things...

  • Erdrick's Sword
  • Liquid Metal Slime Sword
  • Metal King Slime Sword
  • Liquid Metal Slime Spear
  • Metal King Slime Spear
  • Orichalcudgel
  • Orichalcum Claws
  • Megaton Hammer
  • Warlord's Hammer
  • Erdrick's Shield
  • Goddess Shield
  • Liquid Metal Slime Shield
  • Metal King Slime Shield
  • Erdrick's Helm
  • Liquid Metal Slime Helm
  • Metal King Slime Helm
  • Erdrick's Armour
  • Liquid Metal Slime Armour
  • Metal King Slime Armour
  • Erdrick's Gauntlets
  • Liquid Metal Slime Gloves
  • Metal King Slime Gloves
  • Impregnable Leggings
  • Liquid Metal Slime Boots
  • Metal King Slime Boots
  • Safest Shoes
  • Sage's Stone

Game description: A highly prized mineral of magnificent hardness. Alchemise it!

It is very powerful when combined with Gold bars and Glass frit.


Orichalcum is an ingredient used for sword tempering.

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