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Dragon Warrior III
DQIII - Orochi
Japanese name やまたのおろち
Rōmaji Yamata no Orochi
Gender Male
Title(s) Queen (as Himiko)
Race(s) Human (as Himiko)

Orochi is a monster in the Dragon Quest game series.





Main Games


Encountered as an orb guardian in Zipangu, Orochi is infamous for terrorizing the village and demanding young girls as sacrifices. The Hero and his party confront Orochi and, after battling, prepare to slay him, only for him to slip away into the village below. Here it is revealed that the queen of Zipangu, Himiko, is really Orochi in disguise. The dragon supposedly killed her prior to the beginning of the game and worked in secret to fulfill his own desires whilst under Baramos' hand.

After learning this, The Hero and party fight Orochi again and succeed in slaying him, returning peace to the village and obtaining an orb.

Side Games


Orochi can be fought after obtaining 100 monsters. Upon completing this, Terry can find a secret portal leading to Orochi's lair, where he can be fought as a bonus boss monster.

He can be obtained in two ways using the Starry Shrine. The first is by breeding any dragon with any boss monster, and the second is by breeding an Andreal or GreatDrak with a MedusaEye.

Additionally, he is one of the components needed to create a Xenlon.

Joker 2

Orochi can be obtained in Joker 2 by combining the first four Giant Monsters encountered in the main story. These are Wormonger, Missing lynx, Bjørn the Behemoose and Empyrea.

In order to create a Xenlon, Orochi must be synthesized alongside an Ethereal Serpent, Boreal Serpent, and Alabast dragon.

Additionally, in order to obtain Leonyx, Orochi must be synthesized alongside a Wildcard, Marquis de Léon, and Don Mole.

His body size is 3.

Joker 2 Professional

Unlike the regular version, Orochi must now be synthesized through a quadrilineal synthesis using Torai Wanda + Torai Wanda & Bilhaw + Bilhaw. His body size remains 3.

Terry's Wonderland 3D
Super Light

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