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Dragon Quest III
Japanese name Unknown
Rōmaji Unknown
Gender Male
Title(s) Unknown

Ortega is a character in III, and the is the father of the Hero/Heroine.



At the start of the game, the Hero is told that Ortega died after falling into a volcano while battling a dragon. However, after reaching Alefgard, it is revealed that Ortega did not die in the volcano, but rather fell into a pit leading to Alefgard. Later, the Hero witnesses Ortega fighting inside Zoma's Castle. He is killed by King Hydra, speaking briefly to the Hero before dying.

Early on, it's revealed that Ortega stayed at a village by the name of Muor. During that time, he befriended a boy named Popota and gave left him his helmet (Water blaster in the NES Verison).

The Super Famicom and Game Boy Color remake expands on his travels as he is shown traveling to locations such as:

Fight Against King Hydra

Ortega is briefly a non-playable character, as the fight between Ortega and King Hydra is shown in battle mode. This fight cannot be won by Ortega, however through randomization, it can last for upwards of five minutes, and ultimately will end regardless once Ortega is out of MP . In the original NES version of Dragon Quest III, after being killed by King Hydra , a special "Ortega's Death" theme plays. However, this song was removed from subsequent ports of Dragon Quest III.


Ortega is shown using the following spells during his fight with King Hydra:


If the Hero and his party defeats the dragon Xenlon, they are offered a wish to bring Ortega back to life. If this wish is granted, Ortega stays at the house in Aliahan, and the player is no longer given free room and board at the house. This only applies in the remake versions of Dragon Quest III, as Xenlon does not appear in the original release.

In the original NES/Famicom release, the player cannot stay at the house in Aliahan for free after defeating Baramos.

If you use the advanced recall spell while never using it up to that point, the hero can recall a conversation between Ortega and his or her mother taking place before the events of the game.

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