Pandora's box
DQVIII - Pandora's box
Japanese name パンドラボックス
Rōmaji Pandorabokkusu
Family Material
Introduced in VII

Pandora's box (formerly DorasBox) is a monster who appears in the Dragon Quest game series.


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#243 - DorasBox
Game Appearance Dragon Quest VII
Console PS
HP 900
MP 10
Attack 240
Defense 200
Agility 131
Experience 630
Gold 280
Dropped Item Light Robe
Skills Brutal Hit
Sleep Air
Spells Defeat
Rob Magic
Family Material
Haunts Treasure Chest
Zion Cave




Super Light

Battle Road Victory

Monster Meadows Quotes

-"Sorry, closed for business!"

-"Nope, not opening!"

-"I wouldn't open me if I were you..."


Pandora's box originates from Greek mythology as a container said to hold all the evils that were loosed upon mankind with the exception of hope. Unfortunately, unlike the myth, there is little hope to be had against this monster.


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