Dragon Quest IX
DQIX - Patty
Japanese name ルイーダ
Rōmaji Ruiida
Gender Female
Race(s) Human

Patty (formerly Luida) is a recurring character in the Dragon Quest game series. She functions as a party planner in the games she appears.



Main Games


Ruida (Lucia) is the proprietor of Ruida's Tavern in Aliahan. She will organize a party for hero.


Patty is a party planner in Gotha castle. She can help with adding and removing human members from the party.


Ruida is the party planner in various areas of the game. She will help with adding human and monster members from the party.


Patty is the former innkeeper of the Quester's Rest.She has blue hair and left for Angel Falls to find Edwinn, but ended up trapped in The Hexagon during the earthquake.

She takes Erinn to Stornway in her father's stead to take over the inn. At Quester's Rest, she functions as the party planner for the hero. Speaking with her allows you to add/remove/create characters for the party.

Side Games

The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below


Patty starts out as a level 28 thief. She is equipped with a Deadly nightblade, her dirndil, her shoes, and a Lucky pendant; however, you must manually assign her Skill points.

Voice actresses

Yuko Kaida (Japanese)


Along with Sellma they are both likely references to the Simpsons, where Marge's sisters are called Patty and Selma.


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