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Dragon Quest IX
DQIX - Pavo
Japanese name ラヴィエル
Rōmaji Ravu~ieru
Gender Female
Title(s) Unknown
Race(s) Celestrian
Family Aquila (twin brother)

Pavo is a character in IX. She is a Celestrian who resides at Quester's Rest and allows the player to utilize the local multiplayer features, known in-game as the Rapportal.

She is the sister of Aquila, as mentioned when she gives the quest that unlocks Aquila as a party member, and is also the only Celestrian who actually lives on the Protectorate.


Pavo has short silver hair and green eyes. She wears a black top with two black detached sleeves starting at the upper part of her arms, a choker and a skirt similar to that of the Hero/Heroine's followed by a violet waist cape underneath.




Main Games



  • Her name references to the genus of birds such as Turkeys, Peacocks or Pheasants.
  • In post-game, she is one of the few Celestrians, if not the only one, that does not become a star. She remains in the Quester's Rest.


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