DQMSL - Pazuzu
Japanese name バズズ
Rōmaji Bazuzu
Family Demon
Introduced in II

Pazuzu is a monster in II.


It is an indigo colored baboon with wings who is commonly the most powerful of their kind, originating as a boss in Hargon's Tower for Dragon Quest II. They are now a common enemy in many Dragon Quest games.




Main Games

Game Appearance Dragon Quest II
Console NES
HP 250
Attack 127
Defense 160
Agility 75
Experience 1530
Gold 240
Dropped Item Mysterious hat
Skills May attack twice
Spells Defeat, Firebane, Explodet, Healall, Sleep, Sacrifice
Haunts Hargon's Tower

A boss monster encountered in the Hall of Hargon. Armed with the Thwack spell and Kamikazee as well, Pazuzu can very easily kill your entire party. Generally, you will want to go all out and kill him as quickly as possible.


A monster encountered in Nadiria, it uses a powerful kacrackle spell and is one of the strongest monsters encountered in the late game.


Side Games

Joker 2

Pazuzu are a powerful A rank monster who you will need to synthesize Drakulard, Jamirus, and Night Clubbers. All of which are synthesizable monsters, thus it's no surprise that powerful X rank monsters require many Pazuzu to create. They can be synthesized or caught wild in the Dark World.

Recipe: Silvapithecus x Gigantis(Jamirus or King Squid can be used as well, but King Squid ends up in a rank decrease and in order to synthesize Jamirus you need Pazuzu, therefore it is wise to use Gigantis or just scout them)


Related monsters

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