The second you get here, head into the building and talk to the guy
who looks like a bandit to get the Iron Nail and then use that and the
Bronze knife in the Alchemy Pot. This goes against not making stuff
until you have all the ingredients needed fo each formula which uses
the item but this is the only instance of doing so as it would be silly
to wait until an enemy drops the final one you need as you do not find
enough and the Thief's Key is extremely useful until Trodain. At this
point run around and take all the valuables and if the Key is not done
by then keep running until it is. Once it is done, open the chests
outside to unlock a store and get 200 Gold Coins which gave me just
enough to buy all the items needed and have a mere 21 Gold Coins left.
|_| 8 Gold Coins
|_| Medicinal Herb
|_| Leather Kilt
|_| Chimaera Wing
|_| Oaken Club
|_| Antidotal Herb
|_| Seed of Defence
|_| Medicinal Herb
|_| Seed of Magic
|_| Iron Nail (Talk to man at Inn)
Buy (1476 Gold Coins total needed)
|_| 4 Bronze Knifes
|_| 1 Thorn Whip
|_| 6 Bandanas (Must unlock final store by opening chests)
|_| 2 Holy Waters
|_| 27 Medicinal Herbs (Whatever herbs you need whenever you need them)

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