Dragon Quest Builders
DQB Pippa
Gender Female
Title(s) Resident/Quest Giver
Race(s) Human

Pippa is the first human character met by the hero in Builders.


When Pippa first arrives to the village she has a pony tail and wears a poor persons brown dress. She later gets a red dress when the player builds a changing room


Pippa is very optimistic, and wants to build back the world. She is also worried about the hero/heroine, requesting them to make healing items for them to use near the end of the first chapter.

Pippa also wants to make friends, being mentioned by Splatrick as his friend, and requesting the hero/heroine to find Rollo just so they could make a new friend.



Side Games


She is very skeptic about the Hero/Heroine's ability to build new objects and seems concerned that the hero hears voices in their head.

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