Pirate is an intermediate vocational class in VII.


The pirate is toughened by the high seas and a life of banditry. The pirate has high agility and has a chance of stealing items from enemies after battle. The pirate combines the skills of a Mariner and a Thief.



Stat Changes

Statistics Change
Battles to Master 200
Strength +10 Percent
Agility +10 Percent
Guard +20 Percent
Intelligence -10 Percent
Appearance Null
Max HP +5 Percent
Max MP -10 Percent
Mastery Bonus +15 Bonus to Agility


Level Title Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1 Shipwreck Antidote 1 One Ally Cures one ally of poison 2
2 Barnacle Fair Wind 20 Self Reflects fire and ice breath once 0
3 Swab Hurricane 50 One group Causes ~60HP in wind damage to one group of enemies 0
4 Cut Throat Step Guard 80 Field Protects the party from swamp and trap damage on the field 2
5 Buccaneer Map Magic 110 Field Makes hidden treasure sparkle on the screen 2
6 Smuggler StrongD 140 Self Reduces damage to 90 percent for one turn 0
7 Marauder Coral Rain 170 All Enemies Causes ~90HP in wind damage 8
8 Sea Dog Whirlpool 200 One Group Causes ~140HP in wind damage 12
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