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Monster Info
Pit viper
Japanese name ピットバイパー
Rōmaji Pit Viper
Family Dragon
Introduced in Dragon Quest IV

The Pit viper (EvilViper in Dragon Quest VII) is a recurring monster in the Dragon Quest game series series. Introduced in Dragon Quest IV, it is a blue variant of the crested viper.


Dragon Quest IV

Pitviper DQIV NES

Dragon Quest VII

#125 - EvilViper
Game Appearance Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX
HP 120
Attack 110
Defense 80
Agility 68
Experience 94
Gold 65
Dropped Item Bug Knife
Skills PoisonGas
Paralysis Attack
Family Beast
Haunts Deja

The EvilViper can be found in the Excavated Cave, the Demon Lord's Lair and the Lake Altar Cave in Disc 2.

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