Poof is a spell in the Dragon Quest game series Series. It removes enemies from the battle, but EXP and gold are not awarded for enemies removed this way.


Dragon Quest III

Introduced in the game as Expel, The Hero learns the spell at level 6, while both Priests & Sages learn the spell at level 2. It takes 2 units of MP to use.

The Hero can learn it immediately with the use of a glitch in the NES Version.

Any party member affected by the spell are sent back to Ruida's Tavern in Aliahan where they can be retrieved. The Hero won't be affected by the spell until post-game (after Zoma's defeat).

Dragon Quest IV

Poof is learned by the Hero at level 1. It costs 3 MP to cast. Astrea's abacus & Tempest shield can also be used in battles to cast it.

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