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For the Dragon Quest series monster and V monster, see Prestidigitator (Dragon Quest) and Prestidigitator (Dragon Quest V).
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Monster Info
Japanese name まほうつかい
Rōmaji Witch
Family Demon
Introduced in III

Prestidigitator (formerly Magician) is a monster who appears in III.



Game Appearance Dragon Quest III
Console NES, GBC
HP 23
MP 10 (NES)
4 (GBC)
Attack 11 (NES)
15 (GBC)
Defense 15
Agility 13
Experience 16 (NES)
20 (GBC)
Gold 12 (NES
10 (GBC)
Dropped Item Fairy Water (NES)
Repellent (GBC)
Spells Blaze
Haunts East Aliahan, Romaly Region, Kazave Region, Najimi Tower

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