Princess Gwaelin
Dragon Quest
Dq1 Gwaelin
Sprite(s) Dq1gwaelin-sprite-NES
Japanese name ローラ
Rōmaji Roora
Gender Female
Title(s) Princess
Race(s) Human
Age Unknown
Family Lorik (father)

Princess Gwaelin (called Lady Lora in some versions due to her name being "Laura" in Japanese) is a character who appears in Dragon Quest.


Princess Gwaelin has strawberry blonde hair and eyes that are depicted as being either green or blue in color. She wears a dress that is pink in some appearances and yellow in others, though yellow is the more common color.


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Main Games

Dragon Quest

The Hero may rescue the princess during his quest to defeat the Dragonlord. Gwaelin is located inside the Swamp Cave south of Kol, which connects to the southeastern continent. In order to rescue her, the Hero must fight and defeat a powerful Green Dragon. This monster is not visible on the dungeon map screen, but rather is triggered when the Hero steps on a specific tile.

After rescuing the princess, the Hero carries her back to her father at Tantegel Castle. A sprite showing the Hero carrying her damsel is used at this time.

At Tantegel Castle, Gwaelin gives the Hero an item, the Princess Pledge which tells the Hero his exact distance from Tantegel on the world map at the time it is used. It is useful in finding the Emblem of Erdrick later in the game.

While at the castle, Gwaelin occupies the empty space next to her father in the throne room. When spoken to, she asks the Hero if he loves her. Answering yes triggers the short love music to play.

If the Hero rescued her during the game, then she will be present during the ending. The Hero will again carry her romantic interest away as he leaves Alefgard after defeating the Dragonlord.

Side Games



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