Psaro's pawn
Dragon Quest IV
DQIVDS - Psaro's pawn
Japanese name ピサロのてさき
Rōmaji Pisaro note saki
Gender Male

Psaro's Pawn (formerly Saro's Shadow) is a character in IV.





Main Games


He is responsible for the sudden disappearance of the children of Strathbaile, using the Taleria to lure them to his nearby castle in hopes of incidentally killing the Chosen. Unbeknownst to him, this plan never had a chance of succeeding, because the Hero was being brought up secretly, far away from Strathbaile. After being tasked with recovering the missing children, Ragnar enters the castle with his companion Healie, discovers the plan, and kills Psaro's Pawn, saving the children and becoming hero of Burland.

#195 - Psaro's pawn
Game Appearance Dragon Quest IV
Console DS
HP 260
Experience 73
Gold 60
Skills Spit fireball
Spells Frizz
Haunts Strathbaile Tower


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