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Japanese ドラゴラム
Rōmaji Doragoramu
Type Other
MP Unknown
Introduced in III

Puff! (formerly BeDragon) is a spell in the Dragon Quest game series.


It transforms the user into a dragon. That character then uses fire breath and claw attacks and is uncontrollable by the player until the character dies or the battle ends. It should not be confused with Puff Puff.



Puff! (BeDragon at the time) is learned by both mages and sages at level 34. It is worth noting that the flame breath used in the dragon form negates the defenses of metal monsters, instantly slaying any that linger long enough to be hit by it.


Puff! is learned by Maya at level 30.


The Hero's Daughter learns Puff!


Puff! can be learned by mastering the Monster Master vocation.



The monsters DrakSlime, Cestpent and Dracolord are naturally capable of learning Puff! (known as BeDragon).

Monsters 2

The same monsters from the first game are still capable of naturally learning Puff!.

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