Puff-puff (ぱふぱふ, pafupafu) is a recurring ability and gag in the Dragon Quest game series. While it has existed since the very first game, it had been censored out from all the American versions until Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. It is a move typically belonging to the Goof-off class; enemies and NPCs are able to use it as well. Puff-puff stems from series artist Akira Toriyama's comics, which often had this as a running gag.

The Japanese onomatopoeia "pafupafu" refers to a woman rubbing her breasts onto a man's face.

In Dragon Quest IX, Morag is able to use puff-puff on your party. In addition, Jessica is able to use puff-puff.

In Dragon Quest VII (3DS version/remake), at the Buccanham casino after you have obtain the VIP pass, you are entitled to a free 'puff puff'. After you get 'puffed', the party says the following comments:

Maribel: What's the matter? Hoping for something different, were you!? Honestly, <Player's name>, your mind's as dirty as your face!

Ruff: What was that all about, <Player's name>? And why have you gone all red!?

Also, after the puff puff, the same person says this:

Wasn't that a funny sound!? I made it with a trumpet, you know. let's hope it brings you plenty of good luck! See you again soon!

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