DQIX - Purrestidigator v2
Japanese name ベンガルクーン
Rōmaji Bengarukuun
Family Beast
Introduced in VII

Purrestidigitator (formerly TigerMage) is a monster whoi appears in the Dragon Quest game series.


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#107 - TigerMage
Game Appearance Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX
HP 170
MP 20
Attack 95
Defense 88
Agility 89
Experience 78
Gold 28
Dropped Item Fur Hat
Skills Panic All
Spells Firebane
Family Beast
Haunts Engow


#102 - Purrestidigitator
Game Appearance IX
Console DS
HP 96
MP 30
Attack 84
Defense 110
Agility 102
Experience 423
Gold 126
Dropped Item Kitty litter (common, 1/8)
Stolos' staff (rare, 1/256)
Spells Frizzle
Family Beast
Description No cats on a hot tin roof, these fearless, peerless, fire-loving felines enjoy frying foes with Frizzle.

They think it right and purroper that cats so comely, clever and charismatic should have such an impurressive name.

Haunts The Plumbed Depths
Lonely Coast


Super Light

Monster Meadows Quotes

-"Ooogh! Yah hah hah!"

-"Mmmyaaawn! No, I must not give in to my inherent laziness! That would be a cat-astrophe!"

-"Mmmew? Have you a matter of cat-aclysmic import you wish to purrrsue?"

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