Quester's Rest is a large inn located in the town of Stornway in Dragon Quest IX. It serves as the location to access all of Dragon Quest IX's multiplayer features; including local multiplayer, WiFi shop, and Tag Mode. The inn is able to be expanded by attracting visitors while using Tag Mode.


Rest at the inn

Due to your help, Erinn gives you an employee discount for staying at the Quester's Rest. It costs 3 gold per pay member.

Expand your party

By talking to Patty, you can add a pre-designed friend to your party or create another player character as you did at the beginning of the game.

Canvassing for guests

By talking to Erinn, you canvass for guests using local wireless connections. She will allow you to read the guestbook any time.

Royal Suite

The Royal Suite is located in the elevator to the left of Patty. Guests obtained via canvassing can be moved to and from here. Guests staying here will not leave even if the inn is full.

Wi-Fi connnection

By talking to Sellma, you can connect over Wi-Fi and shop for bargains with DQVC, as well as get updated on extra quests and obtain VIPs.


By talking to Pavo, you can use the Rapportal to visit other "worlds" (i.e. other player's games).

Use Alchemy

See main article Alchemy
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See main article List of alchemy ingredients in Dragon Quest IX

This function is available after defeating Morag in Brigadoom and reported to King Schott. When this function is enabled, Alchenomicon will also be enabled in your Battle Records. By talking to Krak Pot you can open the Alchemy menu to create items using raw materials you have collected. If you have the correct ingredients, sometimes you can preform Alchemiracles, which can produce the best gear that you can equip to one of your characters. However, there is a certain percentage to this. If you succeed, you get the invaluable gear. But if you fail, you get the lesser one. Krak Pot will also inform when an Alchemiracle is happening.

Guests' Quarters

By connecting to DQVC through Wi-Fi, you can obtain VIP Special Guests - characters from previous Dragon Quest game series games. Speaking to them under the right conditions allows you to obtain their costume outfits. You can find them staying in rooms that you can access using the same elevator to the Royal Suite. You can find the list of guests here.

Rainbow's End Gold Bank

Talk to Ginny in the southeastern corner of the Quester's Rest. You may store money with her free of charge. This is especially useful when you are defeated in battle- you'll lose half the money you were carrying, but the money Ginny is holding is still safe and The player can gain accolades for depositing certain amounts of gold coins; the accolade White Sticker Saver for depositing 100 000 gold coins, the accolade Blue Sticker Saver for depositing 500 000 coins, Red Sticker Saver for 1 000 000 coins, and so on. They can withdraw and deposit money in units of 1000 gold coins.


There are 5 floors in Erinn's inn (not including special floors via DLC). When you first arrive you can only access the Royal Suite and the 1st floor (whick contains Erinn, Rainbows End Gold Bank, Patty's Party Planning Place, Alchemy and Pavo. Each other floors can be unlocked and other special guests bedrooms can be acquired via DLC.

Ground Floor

This is the first and most important floor you will use. It contains the Alchemy pot, Erinn, Rainbows End Gold Bank, Patty's Party Planning Place and Pavo. It also contains a room to the left which has a table and bookshelf.

First Floor

This floor can only be unlocked after you canvass 7 guests. It contains a couple of wardrobes.

The dining room on this floor can only be unlocked after you canvass 13 guests.  It contains a red chest with a mini medal inside. 

Second Floor

This floor can only be unlocked after you canvass 19 guests. It contains a red chest and a couple of wardrobes

The library is also located on this floor and can be unlocked after you canvass 25 guests.  It contains many bookshelves with academical recipes and a red chest holding 1000 gold.


This floor can only be unlocked after you canvass 30 guests. It contains a fountain which can hold various items that respawn after a period of time, like items in the overworld do. Some of the items you can get are sage elixir, mini medal, medical herb, magic water, fresh water, and holy water.

Royal Suites

This can be accessed on the Ground Floor of the inn. When you connect to DQVC you will download new guests who can give you items as you progress throughout the story.

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