Ra's mirror (originally the Mirror of Ra, later the Lar Mirror) is a recurring item in the Dragon Quest series. It is typically used to reveal a character's true form.

Dragon Quest II

The mirror is hidden in a swamp west of Moonbrooke. Its location is hinted by the ghost of the king of Moonbrooke. It can be found by searching the swamp tile where 4 bridges are visible on the screen. It is one of only 3 items to be found by searching on the world map (Leaf of the World Tree, Sunken treasure).

The mirror is used to reveal the true form of the Princess of Moonbrooke. At the beginning of the game, she is transformed into a dog by a curse from Hargon. Using the mirror in front of the dog in Hamlin breaks the curse on her and she then joins the party. The mirror itself cracks afterwards and is no longer in the inventory.

Dragon Quest III

The mirror can found in the Cave Southwest of Samanao. Using the mirror at night on the sleeping king of Samanao reveals him to be a Boss Troll. By defeating him, the hero's party receives the Staff of Change.

Dragon Quest IV

The mirror is simply randomly dropped by Float-o-copiers and has no relevance to the plot as with the previous two games. Indeed, players can finish the game without ever obtaining it, let alone using it. In this game can be used to return Float-o-copiers to their true forms after they mimic a party member, though this is not required to defeat them, especially with the Zenithian sword being able to undo their spell.

It is also buyable at the Immigrant Town final form's casino for 10,000 tokens (Endor casino for only 2,500 tokens in the NES Version).

Dragon Quest V

The mirror is found in Abovitall Tower to the south of the aboreas teleportal, which is itself south of Heaven's Above Abbey. The mirror is used to reveal the true form of the Faux Dowager.

Dragon Quest VI

The mirror is found in the Mirror Tower in the the Real World. It is used to:

  1. Reveal that the dream world's King Somnus is actually Queen Apnea.
  2. Reveal the Murdaw in the Phantom World to be the King Somnus.
  3. Return the hero to the real world when Murdaw banishes him again prior to their final confrontation.
  4. Reveal spiegel as the miraldas curser at castle swanstone

Dragon Quest VII

The Lar Mirror can be found in the Dark Palace near the end of the game. It is used in battle to change back creatures who use transform to turn into party members.

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