Ragnar McRyan
Dragon Quest IV
Ryan DS
Sprite(s) Dq4ragnar-sprite-NES
Japanese name ライアン
Rōmaji Raian
Gender Male
Class Soldier
Race(s) Human
Age 50s

Ragnar McRyan is a character in IV, the first character that the player controls. Ragnar is a soldier of the Kingdom of Burland, and is sent to investigate a case of missing children in the village of Izmit.


Ragnar dresses in the typical reddish plate armor of a Soldier. Naturally, he is far more concerned with improving his skill at arms than with scholarly pursuits.


He is quite compassionate, as evidenced by his righteous fury against the demonic kidnappers. Ragnar's fellow soldiers look up to him with admiration and respect, and even the king places the utmost confidence in him.

In the DS remake, Ragnar speaks with a Scottish accent (ex: "Och no! Hoo'd I manage tae get scrabbed right on the end o' ma couter?").



Main Games


Ragnar's chapter begins with him receiving a summons from the King of Burland. He treks through a cave from his hometown in the south to the royal castle; to do so, he is forced to travel through a cave, where he meets Healie, a Healslime who joins him on his quest after being rejected by several of Ragnar's comrades.

After reaching the castle, the king tasks Ragnar with discovering the cause of the sudden disappearance of many of Izmit's children. Ragnar tracks down the kids' usual hangout spot, and from here Healie discovers a magical "spring" to a nearby fortress, which several Burland soldiers have already located and are fast on their way to perishing in, if they have not already done so. Ragnar makes it to the heart of the fortress, and confronts the demon responsible, who unveils the Underworld's master plan of killing the Chosen before he can ever rise against their Lord. Ragnar kills him and rescues the children, winning the favour of the entire country.

Despite the accolades he receives, knowing the Underworld's plan Ragnar reveals he cannot simply stand by as darkness gathers, and sets out on a quest with Healie. He makes cameo appearances in Chapters 2 and 3, before finally joining the Hero's party in Chapter 5 at the Palais de Léon, when both groups are individually taking on Marquis de Léon.


Ragnar appears as one of the monster team owners at Morrie's Monster Arena. His team includes a Healslime, a Dullahan, and a Gigantes which are called Healie's Heelies, a likely homage to his short partnership with one.


He shows up at the Quester's Rest Inn's Royal Suites.

Side Games

Itadaki Street

Along with Torneko, Kiryl, and Alena, Ragnar appears as a playable character in Itadaki Street Special.


When applied to the Dragon Quest III class system, Ragnar is a soldier. He has strong attack and defense, but low agility, can wear most armor and wield most weapons, but has no spells. Even his character design is a variation of the soldier, though his main color is pink, not red.


  • His original name is ライアン. This was romanized Lyan in the original guidebook, but Ryan on the official DS wallpaper.
  • In the German DS localization he is called Ragnar Rauhbein. Rauhbein is a German term for a person that is uncouth, but good at heart.
  • In the Italian DS localization, he is called Galiardo de Guglielmi.


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