Raving lunatick
DQIX - Raving lunatick
Japanese name メーダロード
Rōmaji Meedaroodo
Family Bug
Introduced in Dragon Quest

Raving lunatick (formerly Druinlord, Eyeder Lord and Eyedrlord) is a monster who appears in the Dragon Quest game series.


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Dragon Quest

Druinlord (Eyeder Lord)
Game Appearance Dragon Quest
Console NES, SNES, GBC
HP 35
MP 30
Attack 47 (NES)
41 (GBC)
Defense 40
Agility 28
Experience 20 (NES)
58 (GBC)
Gold 85 (NES)
95 (GBC)
Spells Heal, Hurt (Firebal)


#86 - Raving Lunatick
Game Appearance Dragon Quest IX
Console DS
HP 85
MP 21
Attack 86
Defense 100
Agility 90
Experience 310
Gold 98
Dropped Item Thorn Whip (common, 1/32)
Strong Antidote (rare, 1/64)
Spells Zam
Family Bug
Description They banish their enemies to the underworld by zapping them with Zammle. Weak against light due to their shady origins.

Raised on a diet of darkness in a world without light, they were once regular lunaticks, but mutated after overdosing on evil.

Haunts Bloomingdale (lighthouse)
The Bad Cave

Monster Battle Road Victory

Other languages

Other languages
French Unknown
German Unknown
Spanish Selenita Lunático
Italian Unknown
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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