Dragon Quest V
DQMTW3D - Rebjørn
Japanese name プオーン
Rōmaji Puōn
Gender Male
Age Unknown

Rebjorn is a bonus party member in V. He is only available after the game is completed. He is a reincarnation of Bjørn the Behemoose and has great power. You can find him by going to the pot where Bjorn was sealed after completing the Stark Raving T'N'T Board. You first find him at level 1 but if you level him up enough he can be very powerful.


Dragon Quest V  
Spell Level Learned
Buff 1
Focus Strength 5
Inferno 10
Lightning 15
Frenzy 20
Tick-tock 12
Scorch 40
Evac 45
Kazing 55
Kazap 65
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