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Dragon Quest VIII
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Title(s) Lord of Darkness

Lord Rhapthorne is the main antagonist of Dragon Quest VIII. A demon of untold legend, Rhapthorne is the party's final opponent in their quest to rid the world of an evil curse.

Rhapthorne conquered the World of Darkness and created a gate that bridge to the World of Light in preparation for his invasion. Empyrea, who can move freely between the two realms, learned of these intentions so she enlisted the help of the Seven Sages to stop him. They eventually sealed him inside the Godbird Sceptre using each of the Seven Sages' essence which should preserve the seal so long as an heir to each of the seven bloodlines exist in the world. Dhoulmagus somehow learned of Rhapthorne's existence and seek to attain the latter's power. Rhapthorne took this chance to enslave Dhoulmagus to break the seal for his return.



Main Games

Dhoulmagus's Trail

Before the game's events, Rhapthorne was sealed inside the Godbird Sceptre and locked inside Trodain. When Dhoulmagus stole the Sceptre, Rhapthorne possessed him and used him to kill the heir of the Seven Sages, starting with Master Rylus.

In the aftermath of killing Golding, Dhoulmagus was injured and retreated into the Dark Ruins to recover. As a safe pre-caution, he enchanted the ruins with a dark aura rendering any wanderer lost in an abyss. In order to get in, the protagonists used a newly charged Sun Mirror to emit a condensed burst of light that destroyed the aura. When the party entered the depths of the ruins, they cornered and defeated Dhoulmagus. Not knowing of the existence of Rhapthorne, the party thought with the demise of Dhoulmagus the curse would be lifted. Unsuspectingly, Jessica picked up the Sceptre and became possessed by Rhapthorne.

"Evil incantations and Kafrizz form just part of this portly demon's plan to exterminate his enemies. Lick him with light. Some say his body is so big that is contains enough cursed power to contort the space-time continuum itself." - Dragon Quest IX bestiary

Rhapthorne also appears as a Legacy Boss in Dragon Quest IX, obtained after completing Quest #179 (or received at special events).

Level Range Secondary Drop Orb
1-3Alefgard gloves20%Purple Orb10%
4-8Alefgard gloves25%Purple Orb10%
9-15Trodain trousers15%Purple Orb11%
16-25Trodain trousers20%Purple Orb11%
26-40Trodain trousers25%Purple Orb12%
41-56Trodain bandana20%Purple Orb12%
57-68Trodain bandana25%Purple Orb13%
69-80Trodain togs15%Purple Orb13%
81-90Trodain togs20%Purple Orb14%
91-99Trodain togs25%Purple Orb15%
Level New abilities

Kafrizz, Kaboom, Fling Ball, Disruptive Wave, Confident Laughter, Slap on the Chops, attacks 2 times per turn.

10Wrath of the Gods
16C-C-Cold Breath

Kaboomle, stops Kafrizz/Kaboom

57Restore all MP, Magic Burst

Side Games

Joker 2


Rhapthorne (1): Dhoulmagus x Mortamor

Or Dhoulmagus x Nimzo

Rhapthorne (2): Rhapthorne (1) x Orgodemir

Or Rhapthorne (1) x Zoma

Rhapthorne is a powerful one-spot monster that can be synthesized with a Dhoulagus and a Mortamor or a Nimzo. Rhapthorne II is a three-monster-spot monster, but is incredbly useful. Also, he can unleash powerful attacks which can dominate any competition.



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