Robbin' 'ood
Dragon Quest III
DQMJ2 - Robbin' 'ood
Japanese name カンダタ
Rōmaji Kandata
Gender Male

Robbin' 'ood (formerly Kandar and Robbin Hood) is a character in III.


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Main Games

Tower of Shanpane

Robbin' 'ood first appears in the Tower of Shanpane west of Kanave. He stole the crown from the king of Romaly and the Hero is recruited by the king to retrieve the crown. However, this is an optional sidequest, as failing to retrieve the crown does not prevent the hero from continuing in the game.

Within the tower, Robbin' 'ood attempts to thwart the hero by opening a trap door, which the hero's party falls through. Upon returning to the previous location, the hero finds he has vanished. However, after leaping off the edge where Robbin' 'ood had been standing, the hero finds him in the tower several floors below. This results in the first combat with him. After the battle, the hero acquires the king of Romaly's crown.

Cave of Baharata

The second appearance of Robbin' 'ood is in the Cave of Baharata. He has kidnapped a couple from the town of Baharata and is holding them for ransom within the cave. Upon freeing the imprisoned couple, the hero is confronted by him and forced to fight him a second time. After his second defeat, Robbin' 'ood pleads for mercy, claiming that he will change his ways.

Tantegel Castletown

Robbin' 'ood's final appearance is in the castletown of Tantegel. He claims to have changed his evil ways and acts as a typical NPC. He provides the hero with information about the location of the Stones of Sunlight.


Robbin' 'Ood appears as the boss in the DLC Tablet Treasure Hunt in the Nintendo 3DS Version of Dragon Quest VII. Robbin' 'Ood cannot be tamed and thus is only encountered in the tablet.

The Staff of resurrection is given as a reward for defeating him the first time.


Side Games

Joker 2
Joker 2 Professional
Terry's Wonderland 3D
Super Light


The name is a pun on the fictonal charcter robin hood who carried a bow and arrow and wore green.The robbin' is based on robbing-when someone steals (robs) something.

Other Languages

Other languages
French Unknown
German Unknown
Spanish Luís Candelas
Italian Unknown
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese 甘達坦
Korean Unknown

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