Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime
Japanese name Surarin
Rōmaji スラリン
Gender Male
Race(s) Slime

The main character in Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime. In the beginning of the game, Rocket is seen to live in a house in the town of Boingburg with his father and his sister Bo. While he is playing in the palace garden with his friends Hooly and Swotsy, and his little sister Bo, they find a flute known as the Warrior Flute.

Out of nowhere, a group of platypus-like creatures called the Plob show up and kidnap his father, his sister, and his friends.

However, they mistake him for a worm since Hooly had stuffed the flute in Rocket's mouth to hide it. Rocket then sets out to rescue his friends along with all of other slimes in Boingburg.

Other Appearances


A slime called Rocket lives in the Nadirian town Precaria. It can be found between the entrance ladder and the inn.

Hooly, Swotsy, Bo, Ducktor Sid, Bud, Gootruede and himself all battle Don Clawleone. Afterwards, Rocket and company defeat him and everything returns to normal.

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