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Dragon Quest Builders
Japanese name Rorondo
Gender Male
Title(s) Resident/Quest Giver
Race(s) Human

Rollo is a character in Builders.


Rollo has red hair and blue eyes. He wears a green tunic, with a short red cape. He wears a brown belt and boots, and a blue gem pinning his cape.


Rollo is loud and boisterous. He makes multiple requests to the Hero as he is very interested in making the town bigger and its defenses.

He is self-assured and laughs a lot. When Larouche tells the Hero to be concerned about the Golem, Rollo tells the hero not to believe him and to disregard him completely.

He is a little literate, though he struggles with reading the Cantlin Chronicles. The hero finds a note he writes, which has lots of misspellings and grammatical errors.



Main Games


Rollo is the owner of the Cantlin Chronicles which has been passed down in his family by the author. He struggles to read it, and refuses to let the hero try. He continues to tell the hero he is working on deciphering the text, though he does not get far.