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The Rorrim Mask is a plot item in Dragon Quest Swords. It is used to contain Xiphos the Deathbringer in a powerless form.



It is unknown the exact time the mask was created, however its creators were guardians in the Mirror World. They gave the mask to the 'people across the glass' in Avalonia in order to contain Xiphos' power. The first use of the mask is recorded on a carving at the top of Arondight Heights, showing the mask being used to capture Xiphos.

Before the events of Dragon Quest Swords

Before the story of Dragon Quest Swords begins, it is known that the hero's father, Claymore, Aruval, and 2 other men were successful in defeating an awakened Xiphos. However, they were ignorant of the power of the mask that he wore and were not able to fully destroy or capture him. As a result, the mask fell into the hands of Queen Curtana and it took control of her body.

During the events of Dragon Quest Swords

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