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Dragon Quest IV
Japanese name ロザリー
Rōmaji Rozari-
Gender Female
Race(s) Elf
Age Unknown

Rose (originally Rosalee or Rosa, later Rosaly) is a minor but important character in Dragon Quest IV. As an elf, she shed ruby tears and thus faced constant harassment from humans who wanted to add to their wealth. Ironically, as soon as the gems touched their hands they shattered, so all their work and misdeeds in kidnapping and beating Rose were for nothing after all.

Psaro, a prominent demon in Hell, met and fell in love with Rose, and sought to protect her. To this end, he built a small fortress for her far away from human grasp, around which the town of Rosehill grew as others seeking refuge relocated. Psaro paid frequent visits to Rosehill in order to see Rose; he told her of his plans to destroy humanity to free the world for demons, and continued on with righteousness in spite of her pleas to stop and try for coexistence. His plans went against her kind and compassionate nature, but she could see only the good in Psaro and still hoped he might ultimately be dissuaded.

Before this ever had a chance of happening, Aamon secretly had Rose murdered, so that Psaro would be driven mad by her death and use the Secret of Evolution on himself. This allows Aamon, his closest retainer, to plot an eventual coup to steal the secret for himself.


In the remake of Dragon Quest IV, there is an additional chapter, in which the party uses the Yggdrasil flower to revive Rose from death. Her tears upon seeing the transformed Psaro reverse the effects of the Secret of Evolution, causing Psaro to repent his actions and allowing the two to start their lives together in the newfound peace.

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