The Rosevine is a monster class that is available in the game Dragon Quest VII.


The Rosevine is a gigantic floral man-eating monster. This class's has slight drops in guard and Max HP but slight to sharp boosts in all other categories.


In order to become a Rosevine, a character must first master both the Evil Well and the Florajay classes. A Rosevine Heart can also be obtained in battle by fighting Rosevines in battle in the Engow region in Disc 2.

Required forEdit

RainHawk (Class) (with SkyDevil (Class))

Dragon Quest VIIEdit

Stat ChangesEdit

Statistics Change
Battles to Master 240
Strength +20 Percent
Agility +10 Percent
Guard -10 Percent
Intelligence +5 Percent
Appearance +5 Percent
Max HP -5 Percent
Max MP Null
Mastery Bonus +20 Bonus to Appearance


Level Title Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1 Evil Seed Nothing 0
2 Vine Creep Palsy Air 20 One Group May cause paralysis in one group of enemies 0
3 Thorn Vine Poison Fog 45 One Group Severely poisons one group of enemies, causing them to lose 1/6 of their HP every round 0
4 Rose Petal Sleep All 68 One Group Has a better chance of causing sleep in one group of enemies 5
5 Entangler Barrier 98 All Allies Reduces the damage of fire and ice attacks 3
6 Vine Lash Eerie Fog 140 Everyone Prevents everyone from casting magic 0
7 In Bloom Nothing 180
8 Doom Bloom Mega Magic 240 All Enemies Caster uses the remaining MP to hit all enemies. Damage is calculated by MP x 3 = Total Damage All