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Dragon Quest V locations
DQ5 Roundbeck
In game map of Roundbeck

Roundbeck (originally Alcapa) is a town in Dragon Quest V. It was the hometown of Bianca when the hero was a child.

Shops in Roundbeck

Weapon store

Weapon Shop
Item Price Attributes
DQ5 SpearIcon Bamboo spear 50g G {{{attributes}}}
DQ5 WandIcon Oaken staff 130g G {{{attributes}}}
DQ5 KnifeIcon Bronze knife 150g G {{{attributes}}}
DQ5 SwordIcon Copper sword 270g G {{{attributes}}}
DQ5 WhipIcon Thorn whip 350g G {{{attributes}}}
DQ5 BoomerangIcon Boomerang 420g G {{{attributes}}}

Armour store

Armour Shop
Item Price Attributes
Wayfarer's clothes 70g G {{{attributes}}}
Leather armour 180g G {{{attributes}}}
Leather dress 380g G {{{attributes}}}
Scale shield 180g G {{{attributes}}}
Hardwood headwear 120g G {{{attributes}}}

Item store

Item Shop
Item Price Attributes
Medicinal herb 8g G {{{attributes}}}
Antidotal herb 10g G {{{attributes}}}
Holy water 20g G {{{attributes}}}
Chimera wing 25g G {{{attributes}}}
Musk 80g G {{{attributes}}}
Hairband 150g G {{{attributes}}}

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