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Dragon Quest II
Japanese name ルビス
Rōmaji Rubisu
Gender Female
Title(s) Unknown

Rubiss is a creator Goddess who appears as the principal deity in several Dragon Quest games.




Rubiss mentioned in the Android version of Dragon Quest.

Rubiss isn't mentioned in early versions of Dragon Quest, but she is mentioned briefly in the mobile phone remakes by the Sage in the Southern Shrine, who bestows the Hero with the Rainbow Drop, as well as the Sage in Cantlin, who tells the Hero about the location of the Emblem of Erdrick. The two sages have the exact same dialogue, as many of the citizens of Alefgard share dialogue with other characters of the same NPC class in the aftermath of the Hero's victory over the Dragonlord.


The player can communicate with Rubiss by sailing to a small island shrine south of Midenhall. When presented with the five collected sigils, She will speak to the three cousins telepathically and give them a holy talisman to dispel wicked illusions.

Being her first appearance in the series, Rubiss is introduced to players as a protector Goddess who operates through her chosen ones, rather than directly intervening in world affairs. The fondness and loyalty to which she speaks of Erdrick elevates the character from but a mere ancient folk hero to a savior to whom the very gods are indebted. This relationship would be further expanded upon in the third game, especially the remade versions.


In Dragon Quest III, Rubiss was overpowered by Zoma, and then cursed. Rubiss is held prisoner on the top floor of the Tower West of Kol. The heroes must use the Fairy Flute in front of the statue there in order to free her. When she is freed, she gives the players the Sacred Amulet, which is one of the 3 items needed to obtain a Rainbow Drop.


Rubiss is the mountain spirit the people of Weaver's Peak worship, and lives in an underwater shrine the heroes can visit only after they acquire Lorelei's harp and can traverse the Undersea. Her palace is relatively close to the Isle of Murdaw.

In the beginning of the game, she possesses Tania to speak directly to the Hero that he must reunite with his companions after the failed assault on Murdaw's Keep in the game's opening sequence.


A three-volume series of novels revolving around the goddess Rubiss before the creation of Alefgard was released in Japan in 1992 called Dragon Quest - Seirei Rubis Densetsu. Cover art for all three by Mutsumi Inomata.