Ruinous shield
DQVIII - Ruinous shield
Japanese name はめつのたて
Rōmaji Hametsu no tate
Introduced in V

The Ruinous Shield is a recurring ominous, black shield in the Dragon Quest series. You may want to think twice before equipping it though.....


Dragon Quest V

The ruinous shield is cursed and will set your defence to 0!

Dragon Quest VI

Dragon Quest VII

Dragon Quest VIII

The ruinous shield is cursed and will increase damage taken by elemental attacks! It can be sold for 2,900 Gold Coins or be turned into the Metal king shield through alchemy with Orichalcum and Saint's ashes.

Dragon Quest IX

Defence: 0

Block chance: 10.5%

A sinister shield that emanates an eerie aura.

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