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Rusty sword
Japanese name さびたつるぎ
Rōmaji Sabita tsuru gi
Introduced in VI

The Rusty Sword (sometimes Rusty Old Sword) is a weapon in the Dragon Quest series. Though not very serviceable in its current state, it can be refurbished into something remarkable......


Dragon Quest VI

The rusty sword only has an attack bonus of +63. After it is refurbished in Turnscote, it becomes the Sword of Ramias.

Dragon Quest VIII

The rusty old sword only has an attack bonus of +45. It can be restored into the Liquid metal sword via alchemy pot.

Dragon Quest IX

The Rusty Sword is found in the Realm of the Mighty. It can be refurbished into the legendary Erdrick's sword. While not available in shops, it was available as a DQVC item during the last part of June 2011.

Dragon Quest Swords

This sword can be tempered into the Metal King Sword.


If worn with Rusty shield, Rusty helmet, Rusty armour and Rusty gauntlets, the rustic appearance of Erdrick is made.

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