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Japanese title プロロ一グ
Romaji title Purorougu
Volume No. 1
Chapter No. 0
← None
The Novice Adventurer!!

Prologue (Japanese: プロロ一グ Purorougu) is the first chapter of Dragon Quest: Souten no Soura: Volume 1.


Soura's out fishing with his sister, mother, father and other fishermen when they come across a storm which wrecks a ship. Sola's parents head out to rescue the survivors, though Sola questions why since the destroyed ship is a Velinard merchant ship. His father says that it has nothing to do with the fisherman, that they're fellow sailors just like them, not to just abandon them. Sola's mother, Mana tells Sola that he should always look after his friends, and as a man to be able to protect the woman he's in love with. A black dragon suddenly appears, is shown to be the one causing the storm. A white dragon also appears, and seems to be fighting with the black dragon. Sola falls into the ocean, is wondering if that white dragon is watching over him.








It first appeared in February 2013's V-Jump Issue on December 21, 2012.

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