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Dragon Quest V



Sprite(s) Dq5 youngsaber
Japanese name Borongo
Rōmaji Unknown
Gender Male
Race(s) Great sabrecat
Age Unknown

Saber is a character in Dragon Quest V. He is a monster the hero will always recruit, first as a cub then as a full grown adult. He is a Great sabrecat, a large sabertooth leopard monster.



Main Games


Saber is one of the names that Bianca will suggest when you first recruit Saber. You first see Saber in the child part of the game where you see several children bullying a small cat in Roundbeck. They will only stop it if you prove to be a man and fight the ghosts in the castle north of the village. After accomplishing this, the kids complete their end of the deal and leave the cat alone.

As gratitude, Saber emotionally bonds to the hero to become a party member for the rest of the child section of the game. Bianca gives him an equippable ribbon before she leaves the party. The hero and Saber become separated at the end of the first part of the game.

They would meet again years later as adults when the hero is called on to save a village from a monster. Saber, now an adult, will not quite remember the hero and is considered impossible to defeat with infinite HP, though he does not attack due to the hero's scent being familiar to him. The only way to end the battle is to use Bianca's ribbon on him, thus he will recognize the hero and rejoin him for the rest of the game.


As a permanent member of the team, Saber is a very powerful ally to use. He can not use magic, but has incredible attack and defense as well as some very powerful techniques. Saber is also one of the fastest characters in the game and often can strike before anyone else.

As the DS port of game only allows four members, Saber becomes a matter of choice on usage depending on the player's styles. The hero and his son are the strongest characters in the game and the daughter can learn the best spells in the game so many players are suggested to use them. Players who like focusing on attacking opt to use Saber or Bianca/Deborah as their fourth character while players who prefer to use magic will use Nera.



  • Bianca also recommends the names Leo, Spot, Mohicat, Tom, Purrcy, Moggy, Punk, Pyjamas, and Baumren. If you say no to all of them, she'll just keep going through the list.
  • One of the names Bianca recommends for Sabre is Baumren, which is a reference to the ghost of a Great Sabrecat in Dragon Quest VIII. Completing the side quest involving this character gave the party an item called "Baumren's bell", which allowed them to summon a Great Sabrecat to ride for faster travel on the overworld.
  • In Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below, Bianca's coup de grace consists of her using her ribbon to summon Saber and having him attack the enemies. In this instance, the name he has is Purrcy.


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