Sacred armour
Japanese name しんぴのよろい
Rōmaji Shin pinoyoroi
Introduced in V

Sacred armour is a recurring armour in Dragon Quest series. Its first appearance is in Dragon Quest V and reappears in every of following games. It usually has high defence, slightly less than some end-game armours, but what makes it special is the ability to recover the wearer's HP by a little at the end of the round without any MP cost.


Dragon Quest V

Sacred armour has 75 defence points and recovers 30HP by the end of the turn. Both Hero and Parry can equip it. It can be bought from King Dominicus for 28 Mini medals and is also found on the final board game.

Dragon Quest VI

This armour raises defence by 75 points and after every round heals equipped character for 30 HP. Everyone but Lizzie can wear it. It is received upon collecting 60 Mini Medals and visiting Madford's Manor.

Dragon Quest VII

Sacred armour grants 75 defence point boost and recovers 50HP a the end of the turn. It can be worn by everybody but Gabo. It is available to exchange for 20 000 Casino tokens.

Dragon Quest VIII

It has 84 defence points and recovers 30 HP after every round. It is received after giving Princess Minnie 75 Mini medals. Only Hero and Angelo can equip this.

Dragon Quest IX

This armour raises defence by 46 points and heals 25H at the end of the turn. Vocations which can equip sacred armour are: Warrior, Thief, Minstrel,Gladiator, Paladin, Armamentalist and Luminary. It can be upgraded through alchemy into Sacrosanct Armour (has 53 defence points, still heals 25HP, the same classes can equip it) using Ruby of protection and a Life ring.

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