Sage's stone
DQVDS - Sage's stone
Japanese name けんじゃのいし
Rōmaji Kenja no ishi
Introduced in III

Sage's stone is a recurring item in the Dragon Quest series. It can be use repeatedly but only in battles as an item. The effect would heal a moderate amount of HP to all active party members.




The Sage's stone is found in Necrosaro's Castle through a hidden passage behind a statue. Before lowering the first elevator down to gain passage where the Flame NPC says you can proceed no further, the party needs make way across the elevator to reach a room with many statues. The hidden passage is behind one of said statues.

When used in battle, the effect is equivalent to casting Multiheal.



The Sage's stone is obtained by winning the level 7 fashion contest at the Chateau de Sass. It is an item that can be used to restore a HP to all party members during battle, similar to casting Multiheal.


The Sage's stone is an item that creates an effect similar to Multiheal on the party when used in battle. Since it is not a spell, it is not hindered by the Fizzle status. It can be transmuted via alchemy by combining some rare ingredients.

Recipe: Gold nugget, Orichalcum, Yggdrasil dew



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