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Saint's ashes is a recurring alchemy ingredient in Dragon Quest mainly used to remove curses from cursed equipments and upgrading them through transmutation.


Dragon Quest VIII

The ashes are rare to come by in the early game until the party reaches the Baccarat Casino where it can be bought for 5000 tokens. Some places where the ashes can be found are the Dark Ruins, Godbird's Eeryie and Black Citadel. The item can also be dropped by dark creatures later in the game.

In the post game, the item becomes more plentiful where it can be bought for 12000g at the Dragovian Sanctuary and it sells for 6000g. Recipes that require the ashes include Goddess shield, Metal shield, Mythril helm, Platinum mail, Sorcerer's ring and Sun crown.

Dragon Quest IX

"Abrasive ash that cleans off curses. Alchemise it!" - flavor text.

A useful decently rare regent used in curing equipment from curses. By alchemising cursed equipment with 1 or 3 saint's ashes you get an uncursed piece of equipment. Good to stockpile.They can be found in grottoes or bought from Cap'n Max Meddlin'.

Genie sanguinis, Seaverns and Sculptrices also drop these rarely.

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