Saintess shield
DQVIII - Saintess shield
Japanese name 聖女の盾
Rōmaji Seijo no tate
Introduced in VIII
The Saintess shield is a shield equipment item in the Dragon Quest series. Embellished with the enchanting figure of a holy woman, the shield is often reserved for the fairer sex and greatly reduces elemental damage.


Dragon Quest VIII

The saintess shield offers a defense bonus of +46. It can only be equipped by Jessica, as well as Red in the 3DS port, and cuts fire and ice breath by 33.3%.

Recipe: Mirror shield + White shield + Holy water

Dragon Quest IX

The shield can now be equipped by either sex, and is created by combining a Ruinous shield with three phials of Saint's ashes. It can be further elevated by mixing with a Goddess ring and an ingot of Orichalcum


The saintess shield's countenance in VIII is based on the Silver shield's design prior to VII.

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